2022 in review

A quick summary of 2022

Unlike past years' reviews, I ain't writin' shit about my "personal life." In part that's because I am more and more secretive online. In part it's because I've got a "diary" again. (The quotation marks are just to make me feel less awkward.) But also because the only thing worse than reading about my year is writing about it. It wasn't that bad -- just boring and pointless and unfulfilling, and full of choices (and inaction) that I now regret.

I'll say one thing, though. I stayed busy. Last year I was acutely aware that my "year in review" was still in draft mode in March or April. This year I hardly care.

Anyway, I'll use this post only to talk about the things I enjoyed or appreciated for the first time in 2022. That's something you hypothetical readers might benefit from.

Games I liked in 2022

Movies I liked in 2022

I had less patience and focus than ever. That made movies really hard to watch. For instance, I started a silent movie in October. It's been on pause for five months. But here are a few movies I managed to enjoy.

TV I liked in 2022

Same with movies, although I can usually sit for TV longer.

Books I liked in 2022

Fucking books, I barely read any of 'em! I finished two books in 2022. The rest I quit or am still working on. What the hell is wrong with me?

There's so little to say, I'm not going to bother with bullet points.

In the first half of the year I finished the fourth book in Ada Palmer's Terra Ignota series. It took me a year to finish this series. This is some of the most intricate worldbuilding I've come across. That worked against me Reading 2-3 pages a day, I would learn important, related details months apart.

After I finished that, I moved onto Joyce Carol Oates's Bellefleur. I read a few chapters of it in 2015.

Music I liked in 2022


I only got about 37 albums this year. On par with 2021 (41) but a little low compared to 2020 (52). Explanation: starting in September, I did not have much free time.

Starting in October, when I tried to come up with a list of Halloween albums, I really leaned hard into Inquisition. I mostly listened to them for the rest of 2022.


This list is lightly colored by the few weeks in May when I listened to an "oldies" station every night. They're off the air now. Must not be much demand for music from the 1950s-1970s. That stuff was "oldies" even 30 years ago. Now "oldies" means Green Day, for fuck's sake.

Software I liked in 2022

Having used FLOSS software almost exclusively for the last 10 years, I've really settled into groove. Very little changed this year. I'm still happily using spectrwm, which I wrote about in the 2021 review. And I started to use asciidoc more, converting over a lot of markdown files (including my personal wiki).

But here are a few new things I found interesting: