2021 in review

A quick summary of 2021

I'll summarize 2021 and 2022 together when I write "2022 in review" early next year (that is, in 2023). Sorry for rattling off so many years in one sentence.

The rest of this is just some things that were new to me.

My favorite media-ish things I encountered this year

These are media-ish things I enjoyed for the first time in 2021, no matter what year they're from.




TV and movies





Spotify top songs

This is here only for the sake of tradition. I barely used Spotify this year. It's a bad product. It spies on you. It uses DRM. It tries to build a wall around what used to be the open podcast "ecosystem." The selection is full of gaps. There organization is terrible. Music disappears. It's not good. Anyone who likes music should still prefer local files.

Anyway, because of how little I used Spotify, songs made this list after one or two listens. I don't vouch for any of these songs.


I played all of these on PC unless otherwise noted.

Software I started to use

Things I bought