Side Pocket as a vision of adulthood

When we were about 10, my friend Robert brought over to my house the SNES pool game Side Pocket. I don't know why he had it -- I guess because some adult in his life found it in a bargain bin -- nor do I know what he thought about it. But I know what I thought about it. I thought it was a glimpse of the casually cool, urbane life I had to look forward to.

I only played Side Pocket for a couple of hours. It's a pool game. But it always stuck with me. It's a pool game -- and what could be more adult than that? How about a pool game with a jazz soundtrack, a night club setting, and random artwork of women, cars, and a neon-drenched city at night. Wow, so much adult. Just what stirs the imagination of a 10 year old.

Of course, my life is nothing like what Side Pocket suggested it could be. There's little jazz (though now I do have the Side Pocket soundtrack), even less in the way of women, no night clubs, and I don't think neon light has ever struck my car.

But that's okay, because you and I can still enjoy this YouTube video of one of Side Pocket's more memorable tracks, set to the game's title screen.