Package comparison of Antergos, Debian, OpenBSD

I recently looked at 38 pieces of software I use/would like to use and whether up-to-date versions are packaged in Arch Linux (in the form of Antergos), Debian, and OpenBSD. My findings surprised me a little.

First, the stats (as of May 08, 2016):

The stats for OpenBSD are a bit misleading. OpenBSD has almost all the necessities at the latest version, or a single point release behind. The packages OpenBSD lacks are chiefly heavy emulators (pcsx2, dolphin, higan) or games (endless-sky). Also, OpenBSD updates GNOME very quickly. The same is not true of Debian.

The take-away? Software selection is not a reason for me to switch from Debian (Testing) to Arch/Antergos. If OpenBSD supported recent video cards, I would switch and take the time to try and learn how to package the useful software it lacks (mp3diags, gimagereader, mat).

P.S. Here's a screenshot of a table showing the software under consideration, plus the versions available in each OS.