Adding old posts to this blog

I am adding to this blog select LiveJournal and Wordpress posts from 2003 to 2012 (the years I was active on other blogging sites). Any posts dated before 2015-04-11 were written for one of my other blogs, primarily LiveJournal. They have been adapted to the plain text format used on All posts dated after 2015-04-11 were written specifically for this static blog. This is more than just a tiny note on the history of my blogs. It is important to know which posts came where because that fact, more so than my maturation, may explain changes in writing. My LiveJournal had an audience and tools to interact with it; this blog doesn't. That explains why posts written for this blog are often written as notes for myself.

Anyway, of my hundreds of LiveJournal posts, only about two dozen were worth salvaging. Most of my posts, especially early on, are vapid, juvenile attempts at humor. They are not funny or clever. And there is much shameful chauvinistic language. What can I say? I was young and stupid and eager to shock.

Many posts also made reference to LiveJournal friends or goings-on within my LiveJournal social circle. Community was a great strength of LiveJournal. There were rich ways to reference and interact with others. All that was great at the time. But today it makes many old posts hard to read without that context.

So, shared here are the less cringe-worthy and more self-contained posts. They were mostly written when I was a little older, and consequently less concerned with accruing friends or shocking readers.

One last note.

With the old posts I changed a few words to make things clearer or correctly spelled. A few posts have been whittled down to their core by removing banal personal anecdotes or shout-outs to friends. But fundamentally these posts are presented "warts and all." Their value is in showing my development, such as it has been. Rewriting them would defeat that purpose. Plus, I'm too lazy to rewrite!