The January 6th Riots

I've been sitting on a draft of this since January 9.

On January 6, deluded Trump fanatics Trump invaded the U.S. Congress building, briefly stopping legislators from confirming Trump's electoral loss. (The Anarchist Communist Group calls this the Bud Light Putsch in its fine analysis.)

As usual, the left has rallied to the defense of the capitalist state and its ideological crutches. Even if they didn't always say these words out oud, the left vilified the mob as "unpatriotic," "anti-democratic," and "anarchistic."

If only they were!

In fact no capitalist mob can claim those noble adjectives.

The rioters were very much

Now, in contrast to this interclassist horde, whose violence against the state was incidental and had the worst of motives, the revolutionary working class will live up to all of the left's slurs. When it takes action, it will be

Etc, etc.