Davey versus Zinter

Names have been changed. The events described took place in December 2004. This was the second post about pranks pulled on Davey. Looking back on these, I am ashamed that I antagonized this ill person. -- 2018.

This is the second Davey story. One day, around the time I abused Davey on his Neptune list [a mental health mailing list he ran], I saw that Davey was engaged in gigantic fight with a blogger named Zinter. The cause? Davey used the word "kike" to refer to Jews he didn't like in several entries. Zinter took great offense and told Davey off:

you were kicked off my LJ friends list because of your hateful and offensive comments about race and religion. these ongoing comments, which you deem as truth, are nothing short of the twisted and sad opinions of a mentally ill man. your LJ speaks for itself and is a testament to your hatred, paranoia, and self-described mental illness.

Davey defended himself by saying that his adoptive father was Jewish, that he isn't a bigot, etc. All well and good. The funny part came when Davey had problems updating his blog. Immediately he found Zinter at the root of this problem...

If I find out that Zinter had anything to do with this tampering of my Live Journal account, I'll SUE Zinter in a court of law and FORCE him to PROVE any accusation that he might wish to fucking make. So Zinter... bring it on mother fucker... if you are reading this... be warned... cause me trouble, and my lawyer, Alfie Woodhurst of Cleveland, Ohio will be instructed by me, to take whatever action the law allows to stop you and your harassment... and if that means costing you every single mother fucking cent you have in the bank, then so fucking be it.

Let's see what that fuck head Zinter does with this journal entry now... Laughing My ASS OFF.... knowing prick Jews like I do, Zinter probably has a lot of money hidden away... and if the mother fucker gives me any fucking trouble, I'll sue his ass so hard that I'll take his house, ruin his marriage, lose him his nice cushy job, and embarrass him in the city state where he lives.

LOLOL! Back and forth, back and forth. I knew a third party with good intentions would have to step in and set things right. And since Davey made his phone number feely available (along with his address and his screenname for whatever IM program he was using that week [he changed them weekly, since he always discovered new ways in which they would hamper the efficient use of his "rig"]), I knew how such a third party could reach him.


I used the Sprint Online Relay. Deaf people use it to make calls. Type what you want and an operator speaks it for you. The operator also types up what the other end of the line says. The conversation is transcribed below.

Me (through relay operator): I was just calling to thank you for the Neptune List. It has really helped me out.

Davey: Oh Okay.

Me: I am a friend you've recently lost contact with, from the LJ.

Davey: I just lost contact with you from Live Journal.

Me: That's all I had to say, Davey. I love you. I have got to go now. Talk to you soon.

Davey: Thanks, I'm always here, just give me a call or send me an instant message.

Me: OK! Thanks, bro! Zinter out! Happy holidays!

Later, Davey (on his respective blog):

"Other than that, not much is happening right now. Oh... yes... got a call from Zinter, by internet phone. He typed his message and someone read it to me over the phone. He said that he was grateful for all the help that The Neptune List had been to him. I didn't know he was ever on it. But he said that he had just broken off from me from LJ and that he wanted to say that he wished me well and that he hoped that I had a good holiday... and then he signed off quickly."

And Zinter (on his respective blog):

"i did not call you or communicate anything to you in any way -- via anyone. that is a pathetic lie. you are a liar."