The capitalist International Socialist Organization, part 2

More anecdotal (and amusing) proof that the ISO has nothing to do with socialism, this time from an article published last year in the Bowling Greet State University newspaper:

A new political campus group is not supporting any of the presidential hopefuls. Its members want a new government altogether.

BG Socialists founder and integrated social studies major, Mike Thurau, became involved in radical politics and the International Socialist Organization last year. He said when he saw the larger chapter in Toledo, he wanted to start an ISO branch in BG.

Socialism is a system of social organization in which property and the distribution of income are regulated by the people as opposed to a single authority or market force, according to the Encyclopedia Britannica.

"Capitalism at its very nature breeds inequality and psychological bondage," Thurau said. "It's not a healthy mindset and not a healthy way of interacting. We need a radically different world. If you really look at how society's set up we don't matter. Money is what matters."

Thurau described capitalism as "economic anarchy."

According to junior English and philosophy major Steve Currie, socialism will allow the government to provide basic needs such as housing, insurance and health care. However, Currie said the transition into a more socialist society will take some time.

"We need socialism now, economically speaking," Currie said. "Socially speaking, we're not equipped to handle it [at this time]. People aren't ready for the idea that socialism will tax you out the nose. If we tax higher, more people will have better things."

Currie said socialism will not completely level out the economic playing field, but it would narrow the gap between classes.

What do the ISO and Rush Limbaugh have in common? A conception of socialism as nothing more than the current state "tax[ing] you out the nose."