2019 in review

A quick summary of 2019

This year should have been bad. In February news came that my job was in danger. I'm not wed to this job, mind you, but I still don't like constantly imagining outcomes in which I have to move in with my parents, spend all my savings, and start a new job I can't handle.

In summer, things looked bleakest and I had lots of time to worry. I accomplished nothing remarkable. But every day I got out of bed, took care of whatever needed doing, plugged away at some digitization projects, worked on my first-ever garden, spent a lot of time walking and hiking, and kept in touch with my friends. It was one of my better summers as an adult.

Things ended up working out. The job is safe. And even though I suffered six months of anxiety and depression, I am okay with the way I coped.

The second half of the year was unremarkable, but pleasant enough. I made some new friends and kept up with all my responsibilities.

So that was all pretty good. Here are some other particularly good or noteworthy things happened throughout the year:

Resolutions for 2020

My favorite media-ish things I encountered this year

This is where I list media-ish things I enjoyed for the first time in 2019, no matter what year they're from.



Movies and TV


I didn't listen to much new music this year. I don't know why.


Spotify's "Your Top Songs of 2019"

Take Spotify's automatically generated playlist "Your top songs of 2019" with a grain of salt. I chiefly use Spotify for music I don't like enough to buy or even illegally download. Also, I've mostly stopped using Spotify because I worry about the amount of user tracking it does. And also because the obscure metal I want is missing, and because things are poorly organized (multiple artists under one entry, albums arranged by date of that particular version's release, etc.). Anyhow, here's the playlist (truncated after 25 songs):