2018 in review

A quick summary of 2018

Another year down. It wasn't a bad year -- no notable successes, but no big failures.

Little happened between January and May. I went to work. I started using a trackball. I stood at my desk for 12 hours at a time playing Subnautica. I played Suikoden II with less fervor. I went to some hockey games. In March I went to a conference and presented a talk that was the product of much research; the audience was small. In April I started the first of three classes remaining in a professional development certificate I've been working on since 2016.

Summer meant lots of time off. I tried to stay busy. I walked a lot, though the window for that compressed on both ends by persistent snow early and hellish mosquito swarms later. Indoors, I worked on a few things: the second aforementioned professional development course; digitizing and proofreading some texts (and creating a script to help); finally switching from irssi to weechat; and getting into a recycling groove. I also hacked away at my games backlog, playing Ultimate General: Civil War, Firewatch, Dino Crisis, Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines, Dino Crisis, Kathy Rain, and the Darkside Detective.

Fall came and back to work I went. Though I found some time for photography and exploring the outdoors, mostly I worked. As work robbed me of my own opportunity to do and create, but gave me money, I compensated by buying the products of other's labor. I became a consumer. I bought a fancy flashlight, an expensive tripod, and a heavy duty backpack (now backpacks are an interest). All things I could use, but I spent too much energy selecting them, and thought too wishfully about how they would change my life. With less consideration, but to good effect, I finally bought a cheap replacement for the ancient 2011-bought Atom D525 that was in my server. Ironically, apart from shopping, my other big project of the fall was to start researching the tiny and obscure groups to the left of Cannon's "orthodox" Trotskyists in the 1930s. Hopefully I stick with this.

Resolutions for 2019

My favorite things I encountered this year


These are some games I enjoyed in 2018.


While I didn't read as much as last year, there were some books I particularly enjoyed.

Movies and TV

Here are some movies and shows I liked in 2018.



Some albums I really liked in 2018. I either got these in 2018, or first really listened to them a lot in 2018.

Spotify's "Your Top Songs of 2018"

Take Spotify's automatically generated playlist "Your top songs of 2018" with a grain of salt. I chiefly use Spotify for things that I don't like enough to buy or illegally download. Anyhow, here's the playlist (truncated after 25 songs):